A complete tech stack that helps reduce your switching cost.


Complete tech stack that includes

  • Web framework
  • Hosting service
  • Database 
  • CDNs
  • Mobile stack

Switching cost is every where

As a small startup, you are already switching from being a product manager to a engineer to a customer support agent. On top of that, do you really want to switch between various tech stack. 

As an engineer, you are switching between making and monitoring, you are switching between javascript and python/ruby, you are switching between frontend and backend. Maybe you are even working on multiple products. Every time you switch context, there is an overhead. You waste time. While Paul Graham has written about Maker vs managers schedule where makers like to avoid switching tasks which fragments their time, our understanding is that switching tool context is also fragmenting your maker time into less usable pieces. Every time you switch context, you waste time.

How about a tech stack that works reasonably well under most circumstances? Maybe it can’t take the google kind of scale, but then again you are probably not in a position to hire talent like google as well. 

Saas products build using switchless


Mr Albert


Jackie Chan with his fits vs villain with knife

Have you seen Jackie Chan movies, where he is almost always in a position of disadvantage (from the perspective of the world) and he wins the fight with mostly just skill? What I am trying to say here is that, of course tools matter. No doubt. But mastery on a tool matters too. If you are constantly switching between tools, it becomes difficult to achieve mastery.

Good enough tech stack, that allows you to gain mastery

Output is product of quality of tool and your mastery on it. Maybe what you need is a tool that is good enough under most circumstances and then gain mastery  on it

Switchless is that generic tech stack, is that default stack of yours that helps you switch less, that helps you get off the treadmill of looking for the best tool.

Maybe it’s not so much about the cool tech stack you use. Maybe it’s about how well do you know to use it.

Companies that use Switchless stack




Open source products build using switchless


Best suited for Information products

Switchless is best suited for information products. If you are managing, manipulating and/or serving information switchless works really well.

Someday you will out grow switchless

Someday you will out grow switchless. We want you to be successful and outgrow switchless. Until then stop wasting time switching.

If you keep switching stack, you don’t get to reap the rewards of higher order setups. But if you don’t keep updating yourself, then you run the risk of becoming obsolete over time. You have hear stories of senior developers not having a job after a while. 

Here is our take on this issue. Software is entering the deployment age. What that means is that the tech stack is unlikely to get disrupted frequency. It starts to pay to stick to a stack and grow roots in it. I am not saying never update yourself. But just that you don’t have to chase the latest and greatest. 

Someday you will outgrow switchless. Outgrow switchless for the right reasons.